It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Pancake Party Preparation

I have been lusting over all the Really Fun Mardi Gras crafts I’m seeing all over the internets. Fun, festive, and those colours — purple, green, gold — are just so luscious. I love them. I want them. However, this is Canada. We don’t really do Mardi Gras here.

We do Pancake Tuesday, yes, we do. (“Shrove Tuesday” to some.) I am all primed to feed the children pancakes and fruit salad for lunch next Tuesday. Which is okay, so far as it goes.

But Mardi Gras… well, it just looks so vibrant and fun! And, here in Ottawa, March? March is so unremittingly grey and bleak and just generally bleah. Ottawa in March is anti-vibrant. I am tired of white and grey! I want some of that colour! I want some of that party spirit! I want it NOT be be March!!!

I know I can’t push the calendar ahead a month, dammit, but I can push some colour and fun into this bleak and dreary will-winter-EVER-end month. So, in the interests of fun activities in a dull month, and lots o’pretty, pretty crafting opportunities, and, let’s not be coy about this, in the interests of my winter-shredded sanity, I’m about to indulge in some shameless cultural appropriation.

Next Tuesday at Mary’s house, we will be having a party. A Pancake Tuesday Party. We will have pancakes, of course. With the aforementioned fruit salad. And cheese. This is a little more than standard Pancake Tuesday festivities, but we’re not going to stop with just the pancakes! Oh, no!

Because WE will also wear masks. Which we are currently making.

(They are not done yet. We have purple sparkly flower-shaped sequins and gold ribbon that have yet to make their appearance. And some gold foam stars! And purple and green feathers! Whee!)

And there will be beads. As many as we can make. (With pasta/paint and with paper/glue.)

(They are not begun yet, but they will be luscious and SPARKLY. Whee!!)

And probably dance to a little zydeco. Whee!!!

I’m thinking we’ll have fun. And all that planning and creating will get us through the first grey week of a long, dreary month.

Pancake Party Gras.


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