It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Some days you just want to smack someone

Lily, my challenge baby, arrived QUIETLY this morning. For the first time in months, she did not announce her arrival from the street with ear-piercing wails. She did not cry her way up the front steps. She did not turn and hide when her father opened the door.


She exited her car without a fuss, came up the steps calmly, stood quietly (albeit a little somberly) on the front step as her dad held the door open for her.

And then her dad said, “Okay, honey, we’re here. Do you want to go in the house?”


Does he have no sense at all? Does she want to? What do you think, you idiot man? She’s only cried at entry every day for three months. Every.Single.Day. And now, the first day she’s arriving calmly, and you REMIND her of her former distress. Worse, you let her think that coming in is OPTIONAL.

Does she want to go in the house?
No, she f*&ing doesn’t.

At his question, her quiet, sombre face crumples and the wails begin.

Of course.

In fact, once her dad left (which, to his credit, he did quickly), she calmed very quickly. Even with that mis-step, it’s the best start to our day we’ve had since Christmas.

But, ye gods.

“Do you want to go in the house?”

I didn’t smack him. But, lordy, it was a near thing…

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