It’s Not All Mary Poppins

What to do…

A situation arises from time to time which, even after all these years, I am not entirely sure how to respond to. It doesn’t happen that often, but I’ve been doing this for long enough — over 22 years now — that I’ve run into this situation quite a number of times. Whatever option I consider, and there really only seem to be three, feels… odd. Hm. Maybe it’s only two options, one with two variants. I dunno.

I’ll put it to you, my dedicated readers. It’s the smaller segment of you male-type readers who will be most helpful on this one, I’m sure.

So… you open up a tiny boy’s diaper, and reveal an equally tiny, but quite determined little erection… and assuming it lasts through the diaper change and you’re about to package it up again…

What, exactly, do you do with it?

It seems to me that to pretend it’s not happening, and just flip the front of the diaper over top of it… well, I have to think that would be uncomfortable for the poor guy. I mean, I know I don’t have one of my own, but I’m not totally inexperienced with these things. I’ve seen guys making … adjustments (some of them less discreet than others, ahem). So it strikes me that if the grown-up version finds 90 degree contact with the BVD’s unpleasant, the teeny version probably does, too.

But, if it’s not a kindness to just slap the diaper down on top, what exactlyis required? Do you point it north (which, for some reason, strikes me as logical), or south? And if you’re going to make the adjustment for the boy… how? Because, though I’m perfectly comfortable scrubbing at those things with a diaper wipe, don’t give it a second’s thought, I confess that to handle them for any other purpose, no matter how kindly intentioned, makes me a bit squeamish.

I find myself working my way through this musing loop every time it happens, but to date I have never done anything but flop that diaper down over top. If it’s uncomfortable, the boy will just have to sort it out himself. One could reasonably argue that knowing how to adjust the junk is a Male Life Skill.

Rory? Rory has not yet learned this life skill. The poor lad just crossed the room in front of me, waddling bow-legged. Looking like he just spent the last three days astride a horse and hasn’t quite gotten his land legs back.

And I probably shouldn’t find it quite so amusing, should I?

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