It’s Not All Mary Poppins


…keeps parking their stroller in my garden. Okay, not entirely in the garden, just half of it. One wheel stays in my drive. The other laps over into the garden.


And every day when I take the tots out, I shift it further back with all the other strollers. And every day I say to myself, “I need to find out whose stroller that is.” (No, I do not know which of the multiple strollers in my driveway belong to which family. Even though I stand out there and watch them load their children into them most days. Yes, I’m that absent-minded.) So every day I tell myself to take note of whose stroller that is. And every day…

I forget.

Of course I do.

(I’ve told you about how absent-minded I am? I must have. Not that I can recall, but I think I almost certainly have.)

But I need to remember so I can tell whoever it is to knock it the heck off.

This evening. I’ll do it this evening! Because my bulbs, people! Take pity on the poor sprouting bulbs!

(And even as I promise myself to remember, even as I attempt to beat my poor frail memory into something approximating working order… in the back of my mind, I’m thinking…

“I should have to tell someone this?”)

April 8, 2011 Posted by | Peeve me | 5 Comments