It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Egg-carton flowers

Like any good daycarista, I collect egg cartons. Egg cartons provide too many good craft and activity options to ever be without. I found the inspiration for my … er, door-thing… on One Pretty Thing, but can I find the specific post and the link to the originating blog? I cannot. It was Russian or Czech or something, I recall, but just can’t find it.

I tried making a circular wreath. It didn’t work. Well, it was fine if what I was after was a flat ring of flowers, but I wanted more depth than that, like on the original. However, the original crafted used a three-dimensional wreath form as its base, whereas all I had was cardboard. Flat, flat, flatness.

But if I wanted depth, surely I could make that happen with what I had? Which was cardboard, masking tape, and all my egg-carton flowers…

This is what I came up with. Next time, I’d make the semi-circular arcs wider. The flowers are a bit compressed, which makes them more likely to pop off, since they’re sort of pushing each other… Still, it worked!

I opted for a three-colour theme: yellow, pink, turquoise. The yellow and pink are made by mixing a small dot (half-teaspoon, maybe?) of yellow and red, respectively, into two or three tablespoons of white. I used a mix of acrylic and tempera, because that’s what I had. The turquoise is straight tempera.

I did not do this all in one sitting, because, though I was enthused about the project, enough to keep me at it, I found it quite frankly tedious. So on one day I cut out a dozen flowers of one style, then half a dozen of another style another day.

It took two or three days to paint them all, for similar reasons… (Emily helped!)

And then an hour with a glue-gun to assemble!

A hole for the ribbon toward the top.

And there you go! A floral spring door wreath thing!

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