It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Egg-carton flowers

Like any good daycarista, I collect egg cartons. Egg cartons provide too many good craft and activity options to ever be without. I found the inspiration for my … er, door-thing… on One Pretty Thing, but can I find the specific post and the link to the originating blog? I cannot. It was Russian or Czech or something, I recall, but just can’t find it.

I tried making a circular wreath. It didn’t work. Well, it was fine if what I was after was a flat ring of flowers, but I wanted more depth than that, like on the original. However, the original crafted used a three-dimensional wreath form as its base, whereas all I had was cardboard. Flat, flat, flatness.

But if I wanted depth, surely I could make that happen with what I had? Which was cardboard, masking tape, and all my egg-carton flowers…

This is what I came up with. Next time, I’d make the semi-circular arcs wider. The flowers are a bit compressed, which makes them more likely to pop off, since they’re sort of pushing each other… Still, it worked!

I opted for a three-colour theme: yellow, pink, turquoise. The yellow and pink are made by mixing a small dot (half-teaspoon, maybe?) of yellow and red, respectively, into two or three tablespoons of white. I used a mix of acrylic and tempera, because that’s what I had. The turquoise is straight tempera.

I did not do this all in one sitting, because, though I was enthused about the project, enough to keep me at it, I found it quite frankly tedious. So on one day I cut out a dozen flowers of one style, then half a dozen of another style another day.

It took two or three days to paint them all, for similar reasons… (Emily helped!)

And then an hour with a glue-gun to assemble!

A hole for the ribbon toward the top.

And there you go! A floral spring door wreath thing!

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  1. Oh that is very pretty!!! And so ‘Springy’ 🙂

    Cheers Eva

    Thank you! I’m rather pleased with it!

    Comment by sweetpea16 | April 11, 2011 | Reply

  2. Why not let the kiddies do the painting? Each could be a solid color, then layered to mix it up.

    Oh, all the children were given the opportunity, but Emily was the only one who wanted to, and so Emily was the one who helped me. (Sometimes, though, I do things in my house for my own, personal and private enjoyment. It isn’t all about the job.) Emily also painted a bunch of her own flowers, in colours of her own choosing, which we’ll be assembling this week so that it can be her Mother’s Day gift next month.

    Comment by My Kids Mom | April 11, 2011 | Reply

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