It’s Not All Mary Poppins

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In my entry there is a row of hooks for the children’s coats. Each hook is labeled with their name. When I have something I need to convey at the end of the day, I will often jot a reminder on a sticky-note and stick it to the wall above the relevant child’s hook. Because this is a daycare, the sticky-notes are fun and cute. Recently, I’ve been using notes shaped like hearts. The notepad is also stuck to the wall above the hooks, so as to be handy when needed.

A parent arrives to collect their child, scoops their precious bundle into their arms. The child is now eye-to-eye with the pad of sticky hearts.

“Heart! Heart!”
“Yes, those are hearts,” says doting parent.
“Heart! Heart!”
“Oh, you want a heart?”
“Heart! Heart!”
(May I interject here that this child is fully verbal, and perfectly capable of saying “May I have a heart, please?”)
“Okay, honey.”

And parent takes a heart and hands it to their child.

Without a second thought. Without a glance in my direction. Without asking if they could take it.

Is this not truly bizarre? That it didn’t even occur to them to ask?


April 12, 2011 Posted by | parents, Peeve me | 10 Comments