It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Geeks ahoy!

Emma has applied for a job at one of the local hospitals. A job for which there is a three-part test: data entry, French language, and medical terminology. To that end, she has a booklet from which to learn medical terms. A sixty-five page booklet. She has been diligently memorizing terms upon terms upon terms for the past three days.

The test is 8:00 am Tuesday morning. It is now 10:45 am Sunday morning.

She calls her two best friends. “If I’m not far enough ahead at the end of today, I’ll be taking Monday off to finish the book.”

There are cries of protest. Genuine dismay.

“You can’t take Monday off! We wanted to quiz you!”

They were really looking forward to this. Really.

I love, love, love that my daughter’s friends are such true geeks.

May 1, 2011 Posted by | my kids | 3 Comments