It’s Not All Mary Poppins

People are weird

We generally create a stir when we go places. Four toddlers in a stroller, with a puppy alongside. It’s some damned cute.

Most people smile. Many laugh outright. Children point. People do double-takes, nudge their friends, roll down the window of their car…

I don’t necessarily enjoy all this. I’m a pretty private person, and an introvert to boot. I’m not shy, mind you. There are times and places where I can thoroughly enjoy being the centre of attention. I don’t crave the spotlight all the time, though. The feeling that just by walking down the street I’m making a spectacle of myself? Not one I enjoy.

Most days I can enjoy the stir, because people are getting such pleasure out of us. We’re provoking smiles and laughter, after all. Smiles and laughter are a good thing. The other days, the days I really would rather pass unnoticed, I endure it. (With a smile, of course. People are being nice, I can at least smile. It might be a weary smile, but it’s a smile.) But escape it? Not really possible.

Now, a small percentage of people don’t notice us at all. One might wonder how four toddlers in a super-long stroller with a puppy alongside could pass unnoticed, but it happens, every day. One might condemn those people for their lack of observational skills, if not their lack of heart… one might, unless one were me. I know I’ve been that preoccupied. You could have passed the entire Mulberry Street parade under my nose at certain points in my life, and I’d not have noticed.

I had my reasons. These people probably do, too.

The people who truly confound me, the people I find it hard to forgive or even excuse? Are the people who see four toddlers and a puppy…

and scowl.

Really. That happens, not every day, but probably most of them. Passing down a city street, there will be one person every day or two who scowls. Not because we’ve crowded them, not because their passage has been halted to make room for four toddlers and a puppy, but just because…

I don’t know.

If they looked sad, I’d think maybe they’re missing their child who is at his/her daycare somewhere, or maybe that their family pet died recently.

But a scowl?

What’s with that?


June 13, 2011 Posted by | our adoring public | 9 Comments