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Canada Day craft: Triangle Card

Back in the dark ages — but still within my lifetime!! — this baby country that is my home had its 100th anniversary. I can still recall some things from back then. Fireworks. Our village’s brand new Centennial library!!! (No more every-other-week library bus: we had a BUILDING!) That song. The stylized maple leaf that was the logo for the Centennial celebrations.

Oooo, that leaf! Wouldn’t that leaf make a cool craft, I thought? So EASY!

It was. I happened to have sheets of sparkly foam on my craft shelves. Sparkly RED foam with peel-off backing. Couldn’t get easier than that! (If you don’t have foam stickers, you can use construction paper and glue, of course.)

I even had a heap of blank cards!


Word to the wise: these are equilateral triangles. (Remember your grade ten geometry? Each of the three angles is 60 degrees.) I actually used a protractor, though that’s not the only way to get the triangles even enough for this craft. Even with the measuring, they’re not perfectly identical… but, since you’re going to leave space between them, that doesn’t matter. This is not a persnickety craft.

You’ll need eleven triangles per maple leaf, and I’m sure you can figure out the how-to’s from the pictures.

After I made this one, I decided I didn’t like the lettering on the front. I think the leaf stands best on its own.

I can hardly wait to show this to Emily tomorrow: She will LOOOOOOVE it!

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