It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Those hats

It took two muslins, a couple of false starts and a certain amount of colourful language…

But I think it was worth it! (Note the face. They had just been dissuaded from a giggle-filled game of “let’s dump buckets of sand on our friends’ heads!!!” I am such a party-pooper…)

Aren’t they cute?

They are so cute, and that’s a good thing. Because those hats? They were a bugger to make. The blogger who posted the instructions said they were ‘easy’. HA! An ‘easy’ pattern would be something that could be tackled by a beginner sewer. Capes are easy. Pillowcase dresses are easy. These hats were NOT easy.

I’m an intermediate sewer, I’d say. I’ve spent lots of time at a sewing machine over the years, though not at super complex projects. These hats were a stretch for me. Now, I got better at it the more I made. I made one significant adjustment to the instructions to make it easier for me. (The inside doesn’t look as good as it could, but the outside looks waaaaay better.)

So. A challenge, they were … but worth the effort! Cute, cute, cute, cute, cuuuuuute. (The ruffle-butt doesn’t hurt, I know.) 😀

More importantly, aren’t they IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO SEE? We’ve been wearing them around town for a couple of weeks now, and no matter where we go, parks, coffee shops, library, water park… I always know where all my kids are. I always know not only because I can SEE them, not simply because those hats STICK OUT OF A CROWD, but because, no matter where I go, people comment on them, if not to me then to each other. If someone is grinning and pointing these days, it’s almost certain to be at one (or all) of THOSE HATS.

I love it.

“Look at those hats! They’re great!” (Followed almost inevitably (and meaning the kids, not the hats) by, “Are they all yours?” Of course.)

Seriously, though. I’m proud of these things.

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