It’s Not All Mary Poppins

An unintentional social experiment

“Oh, look at all the babies!”
Are they all yours?”
“Wow! That must keep you busy!”
“Oh, good god.”
“YOU are one brave woman!”
“Are they all yours?”

Just another outing with my mega-stroller filled with tots. I’ve talked about that before, of course. We simply never slip under the radar, much as I might like that some days. Recently, however, there’s been a change in peoples’ responses to us. It’s not because of those hats, though they certainly garner their fair share of attention. It’s not because I have two newbies, and thus the average age is younger than usual.

“Oh, look at all the babies! Isn’t that cu– OH! Oh, looook. Isn’t that adorable?”
“Wow! That must keep you — oh, my lord. That’s beyond cute!”
“YOU are one brav — Awwwwww… sooooo sweet. ”

And what’s the difference? It’s still a stroller filled with small children. They’re just as cute as they’ve ever been.

They still wear cute hats. They still stare solemnly, or beam beguilingly, depending on their personalities.

Nope, it’s not the kids.


the puuuupppyyyyy

I think I have sufficient data that I can safely declare that, for the bulk of the population, ONE puppy outweighs the cute factor of FOUR babies/toddlers. Any day.

“Look at the cute babi — OH, my word! Look at the puupppyyyy!

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