It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Baby Naming #3… and 4

… at last.

So. I have two new babies, who remain un-named. So far I’ve been resorting to “Old New Baby” and “New New Baby”. A tad cumbersome.

Time to Name that Child!

And — yay, me! — I’ve come up with one for Old New Baby!!! She’s fourteen or fifteen months old. She is calm, and, so far, calmly cheerful. In keeping with her age, she’s a watcher. She is also the perfect Gerber baby — round cheeks, teeny rosebud mouth, round blue eyes, dusting of blondish hair. She blows kisses with a “MAH!” sound. She is, in short, too flipping adorable for words.

In the way of my mind, I thought “Gerber baby… gerbera daisy… let’s call her Daisy!!!” It would suit, too, but it would be too confusing, what with the puppy already having that name. Well, damn. But how about another flower name?

“Rose”? Nah. Too elegant. She’s not elegant. Cute, but not elegant. We’ve already had a “Lily”. “Violet”? Mmmm, no. She’s not shy, she’s not delicate. “Iris”, for me, is reminiscent of a rich, but disapproving old woman, so, no.

How about Poppy? She’s not vibrant (yet; it may come), but for me “Poppy” is a round and happy name. Cute, not elegant.

So. Old New Baby is Poppy.

Now for New New Baby. And me? I’m tapped out on baby names. I need suggestions for names for New New Baby.

He’s a boy. Blond, hearty, snuggly, friendly, with a ginormous beaming smile. I haven’t had enough time to take any meaningful measure of his personality. But so far, his defining traits are:

– he’s a tank. The boy is SOLID.
– blond. Really, really blond, with the skin and eyes to match
– cuddly. He likes to be held. A lot. I assume this will recede as he becomes more comfy at my home, but he does love his snuggles.
– he loves singing. Not that he sings, but it mesmerizes him.
– though he’s still getting used to us, I get the impression that his default setting is “amiable”. He just has that look.

Any suggestions?

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