It’s Not All Mary Poppins


Thank you for all your great suggestions! So many, so varied, and all of them considered and interesting. One of you managed to choose the name of a friend of mine, which I found pretty amusing, since he, too, is blond and solid. (I found it amusing. I think he’d find it a bit unnerving to discover I’d named one of “my” babies after him.)

If I were being democratic, New New Baby would be Thor. Obviously So many of you liked the name. I can see why it’s a good name, and I almost went there, but… it just didn’t feel right. Too powerful, too angry for Mr. Amiable. Instead, I’ve chosen a name that was suggested by only one person. It feels a little wrong to be so flagrantly undemocratic, but here I am, doing it anyway.

Baldur was a bit exotic, but fun! ‘Sven’ and ‘Henry’ were given serious consideration, and for a few hours, he was almost ‘Finn’. ‘Buddy’ sort of sums the boy up nicely, but I call all the kids ‘buddy’ at one time or another, so it wasn’t personal enough. ‘Hummer’, ‘Logan’, ‘Peter’, all great names. ‘Puck’? Um, sorry, but that one just seemed like it was begging for trouble! (I can just see myself muttering, ‘You little pucker’ on a particularly bad day…) Luke, Ty, Ruby, Ivan, Brock, Teddy, Lars, Otto… my goodness! You all made choosing sooooo hard!

But in the end…

New New Baby is Daniel. It just feels right for this boy. It’s a good, solid name for a good, solid kid. Daniel, Dan, Danny. Yup. That’s my boy!

So, thank you, Suzanne, for your suggestion.

Our New Babies are named! Poppy and Daniel are both very grateful! Thank you all!


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  1. Wow! I’m so honored. My little Daniel (who at 40 pounds/18 kilos is not so little) would be honored, if he knew.

    And about his name, He was Paul before he was born. We’d planned on Paul for his older sister, if she’d been a boy. So, in utero, he was Paul. Then he came into the world 10 pounsd 8 ounces (4.76 kilos) and we looked at him and said, “He is not a Paul.”

    My husband said, “He’s a Daniel,” and he was. And I’m glad your new little guy is one too. They are fantastic, although my Daniel loves to spit. Watch out or that.

    Comment by Suzanne Lucas | July 26, 2011 | Reply

  2. I’m glad he’s Daniel too. I would have been a non-Thor voter, but I couldn’t think of a suitable name so I was just a non-voter 😦

    Comment by Maisy | July 26, 2011 | Reply

  3. Danial is a perfect fit 🙂

    Comment by Melissa V | July 26, 2011 | Reply

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