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Nostalgia? Not so much.

Just read an old post and was reminded of a former child. Not, as is usually the case when I recall my former charges, with fond remembrance. Not this one. Oh, but I am soooo glad I am no longer looking after Sam.

Goodness me.

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What I did on my weekend

Not far from Ottawa, across the river in Quebec, there is a very large, very lovely park. Gatineau Park has different attractions for different people: hardy cyclists enjoy its hills, campers can enjoy a range of sits, from full-service to hike-in and pack-out. There are historic sites and sites of historic interest. Mostly, it’s pretty, pretty, pretty.

I’ve camped here, I’ve gone to the beach here, I’ve taken in an historical site, I’ve visited the cave… (which, no, I did not manage to enter. But I saw it!!) The place I’ve visited most often, though, is Pink Lake. This past weekend, with my aunt and uncle in town, we decided to take in Pink Lake yet again. (Click on the smaller picture for a large version.)

It’s not a difficult hike around the lake, though there are a fair number of stairs and up-and-downing. The frail and elderly might not be able to manage it, but I’ve seen small children and pregnant women make the circuit.

Here’s a view from the lookout off the highway through the park:

And here’s one from water level, after making our way gradually down from the level of the highway:

We got there using some of these:


More wildlife:

More View:

A lovely outing.

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