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What I did on my summer holidays, 2

Week two of my summer holiday is almost over. I didn’t get much further on my week one to-do list, but I’ve forged gamely ahead with my primary objective for week two: READ LOTS.

My hours of diligent sitting on the porch, and consumption of many fortifying mugs of tea have paid off. I’ve managed about a book a day. (Last night’s three hours of insomnia helped enormously with yesterday’s book!!!) As you can see, Daisy does what she can to offer moral support. Practical support, too: any ants that come too close are summarily consumed.

If you’re curious, the list is as follows:

Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow, by Faiza Guene (Okay. Not great, but okay.)
Arlington Park, Rachel Cusk (Didn’t finish; found it tedious and characters thoroughly unlikeable)
Future Babble, Dan Gardner (Great!)
The Good Thief’s Guide to Amsterdam, Chris Ewan (Fun read; denouement chapters dragged a bit, but I’ll look for other books by this author.)
The Epicure’s Lament, Kate Christensen (Very good. Protagonist is an AWFUL man, but a really good book.)

Currently reading:
Nicholas and Alexandra, Robert K. Massie
Lavinia, Ursula LeGuin

Sunny late summer/early autumn days spent sipping drinks and imbibing books, with a pathetically adorable cone-head puppy companion. It doesn’t get much better.

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  1. I read Nicholas and Alexandra in high school. I enjoyed reading it and the history I learned from the book.

    I remember my mother (and my aunt, I think) reading it when I was a child. I was inspired to read it after reading a fictional memoir of the real-life “Little K”, one of Nicholas’s mistresses. I’m not very far into it yet, but yes, there’s lots to learn!

    Comment by A | September 2, 2011 | Reply

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