It’s Not All Mary Poppins


Here we have a sturdy pair of hiking boots, belonging to my son. Size Ginormous.

Not pretty, but durable. The boy is hard on his footwear, and this pair is going on year five now. We are happy about this.

The daycare children like boots. The puppy likes boots. We have to monitor boots carefully in this house. Perhaps, however, we did not monitor this pair quite closely enough. Was that a flash of colour as I passed? Something shiny in my peripheral vision? What could it be?

Let’s see…

Well. Lookit that.

Goodness. What all is in there, anyway? Let’s have a closer look. You know, I saw all those objects being transported into the living room, by a diligent trio of Rory-Grace-Jazz, but I thought they were part of the play-fort behind the couch. (The couch being less than a metre to the right of where the boots sit.) Huh.

Busy, busy, busy little people I have around here. And such cooperative play it was, too. Also quiet. Very quiet. That in itself should have made me suspicious…

I count 12 items, plus the little red dog that was sitting between, but not in, them.

Told you those boots were ginormous.

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