It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Happy Valentine’s Day

My clients love me a little bit more today. Some of them love me a lot more, maybe.

Yesterday, you see, was Valentine’s Day. (In case any of you missed the past three weeks of PINK! RED! HEARTS! FLOWERS! LOVE! CANDY! CARDS!)

And, because I am a gem among caregivers, on Valentine’s Day I offer extended hours. I stay open an extra three hours, so that the parents can have an actual, kid-free evening, during which they may, if they so choose, have an actual DATE.

And if they didn’t so choose, let me tell you, I’ll be pissed. I worked 12 hours yesterday, so they could have a FABULOUS, STRESS-FREE, WORRY-FREE, KID-FREE ROMANTIC EVENING. I also woke at 4:15 yesterday morning. (No, that wasn’t their fault, but I’ll include that in my grievance against them if they didn’t spend every second of their extra hours blissed out by the wonderfulness that is their spouse and their marriage.)

But, hey. No pressure, guys…

In truth, when they came to collect their small wonders, they all showed up as couples, and they all appeared to be happy. That’ll do. They were pretty cute. One couple had gone out for gelato; another had gone skiing; one had managed a dinner out, and one couple didn’t say what they’d done, but I’ll just say they looked very… mellow and relaxed. 🙂

I think my Valentine Gift was a success.

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