It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Happy Days, Crappy Days

A week and a bit ago, I resolved to take the children out every day. And I have! 100% success. Even on Monday when those “winds out of the north, with gusts to 60 km/hr” just about knocked poor Rory and Grace off their wee feet.

Really. We were walking north — right into the wind, ugh — and a gust came along that made them stagger back a pace or two. I think if they hadn’t been holding on to the stroller, they might have been blown right onto their little backsides. Of course, I’ll admit that had I realized the part about the “gusts to 60 km/h”, I would have skipped the walk.

But so far, 100%!!

And yes, it’s improving my mood. In part because fresh air and sunshine raises your spirits, as does exercise, but also the strictly pragmatic consideration that an outing makes the day go faster. There are all sorts of ways getting outside is a good idea.

Today? We will not be going out today. Currently, it’s -1C out there. It is raining. Quite heavily. The rain is COLD. In fact, it’s not exactly rain. It’s not exactly ice-rain, either. Something in between. Maybe icy slush? Falling from the sky? Yes, that’s it. Largish plops of icy slush, smacking into your face ten times a minute. Like being smacked with icy-cold, soggy wet elastic bands, all around your face (and hands, if you were so foolish as to not be wearing mittens). Absolutely standard March weather, of course, but, ugh.

I know all this because I’ve just been out in it, from 6:30 – 7:15, walking my dogs. Because I am a conscientious and self-sacrificing dog owner. And maybe a bit besotted with the hairy stinkers. They loved it. They love anything. Because, for a dog, every day is a good day!!!! (You want a laugh? Follow that link.)

Thus, I know from personal experience, it is sufficiently rotten out there that I can declare today an indoor day without any worries about being a slacker, or weaselling out of a commitment.

So today? Today, in keeping with a different resolution on that same list, we will do crafts. I’m thinking some of these would be just the thing for this craptastic weather day! Aren’t they cute and bright and pretty?

I hauled out my primary paints and mixed up the requisite colours. Isn’t that cute? (Okay, so there’s no indigo in there. CLOSE ENOUGH.)

Of course, there’s no way that Daniel or Poppy can paint in straight lines, and it’s dubious whether any of the others can paint between the lines… Still. It’ll be bright and pretty and fun in here!

Pretty much the exact opposite of what it is outside.

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