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May Day! May Day!

My apologies. This post should have gone up on Tuesday, which, as you all know, was in fact the first of May. (Which always prompts a rather rude rhyme my RAF grandfather used to recite on that day, over the protests of my grandmother, as it was most definitely not child-friendly. Fond childhood memories…) I missed posting. I didn’t miss making them, though, so you get to see!

I got the idea from The Fab Miss B, but can I find the inspiring post? I can not. Oops. It’s pretty self-explanatory, though. The one thing I might need to point out is that the toilet roll tubes need to be cut in half to make these teeny baskets. Oh, and the glue-gun, which I used to adhere the ribbon and the handles, is not in the picture. Oops, again.

Here’s what you need:

And here’s what you get!

Cute, no? Now, this craft is pretty much too difficult for my tots. They were involved, holding things, picking papers and colours, but really? I made them.

And then I “filled” them with these. The children did help with that, because we looooove baking around here! And this is their kind of baking: lots of stirring, no oven.

“Filled” in quotation marks, because the baskets are so wee, it took ONE peanut-butter ball to fill it. I sent a few more home with each child, wrapped in plastic. (Do I know how to keep my parents happy? Mwah-ha. It was either that, or eat the whole damned batch myself. Sooooo good!)

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