It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Why I Claim “Household Repair/Maintenance” on my income tax…

A rather non-descript photo of nothing in particular, I know. Part of the dog, a rather grubby window ledge, a bit of greenery obscured by the window’s screen. Not much there. Oh, and some crayons.

Let’s have a closer look at those crayons, shall we? Hmmm… Yes, they are on the other side of the screen.

There used to be a tiny nick in the screen. Then there was a small hole. Then the small hole got a bit larger. Now it seems the screen is developing a holey rash, a series of teeny holes spreading along the base of the window. A series of holes through which crayons can find their way between the screen and the window!

Can’t imagine how they get there. One of life’s little mysteries.

The real question is, do I replace the screen? Or do I assume any future screens will develop the same mystery rash? Do I block the holes with duct tape (oh, pretty! and so classy!) and hope that discourages the perpetrators so that a future screen will be protected?

Or do I just get used to crayons in my window?

And mosquitoes in my living room?


May 18, 2012 Posted by | Mischief | | 3 Comments