It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Lessons for her future?

Jazz has had a teeny accident. Not a real accident, you understand, more a matter of poor timing, and now there is a wee spot of pee on her padded cotton training pants. Her jeans are quite dry.

“Not to worry! Let’s just get you some dry panties from your bin.” Except, when we check, there are no dry panties. Some shirts, a couple pair of leggings, plenty of socks … but not one single pair of panties. Huh. There are several pair in Grace’s bin, but… no. While goodness knows we do a lot of clothes-sharing around here — toddlers make this necessary for about a gazillion different reasons — it’s crossing my personal comfort and hygiene zone to share panties. Ick.

“You’ll have to go without.” Going without is well within my comfort zone. The hygiene zone will be her parents’ problem when she gets home… (And Jazz’s parents? Very relaxed, about this as about most things. Bless their laid-back hearts.)

I drop the damp panties into a plastic bag, and turn to dress the girl. Except she’s wearing jeans.

“You know what, sweetie? It is not so comfortable to wear jeans without panties. How about you wear leggings, instead? They’re much comfier.”

As she wriggles happily into her leggings, I suddenly realize that I’m living up to my motto “We’re not raising children, we’re raising adults”. Because, you know, in all probability I’ve just given the girl her first lesson in going commando.

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