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I’m not dead! And a question

So sorry for the long absence.

For two weeks, I was on holiday. Aaaahhh… The first week, Wonderful Husband and I went away for a few days. It was a work excursion for him, so I tagged along for a cheap vacation (the only kind we can afford, sigh). He flew me there on points (cheap! not free, still those damned taxes and airport fees, but cheap!), I shared his work-paid-for hotel room (free!), and we even managed to squeak in a few meals for two within the amount work allows for his meals.

So that was nice.

The second week, I had all sorts of projects planned … and didn’t really do any of them. That’s okay!! I sat on my porch in the sun and read. I helped a friend sort her basement. (Mold and spiders and general ick. I am a Good Friend.) I read. I had coffee dates and drink dates. I read. It was a good week.

I thought that when I returned, I’d have my blogging enthusiasm back… and I find that I haven’t, really. So, if there are any of you still reading here, I’m looking for help. I figure enthusiasm and ideas don’t happen in a vacuum. They come by interaction. Books, people, conversation, media. Some of that I do, but what I’m not doing much at all any more is reading blogs. I need to get back in there. I have some I read often — well, three: her, her, and her — obviously, more would be better.

If you’re out there and still reading here, please tell me: What blogs do you read and enjoy?

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