It’s Not All Mary Poppins

My Little Optimist

Grace asked for a nap today.

She doesn’t nap any more, but she did look tired, so when she said she was and asked for a nap, well, she took a nap. Because she looked genuinely tired, I opted to put her in a room, on a bed, with real curtains that could be drawn. So she could have a nap in a quiet, dim environment.

She peed in the potty right before she went up.
I woke her after 45 minutes. She may be tired, but I don’t want to mess up her bedtime, if possible.

And in 45 minutes, starting with an empty bladder …

she managed to pee the bed.

My son’s bed.

Thank goodness I’d pulled his upper sheet, blanket and comforter aside so as to cover Grace with a daycare flannelette sheet.

But the lower sheet and the mattress? Big soggy spot. Ick.

I admit I emitted a dismayed, “Oh, Gra-aace!” when I realized the damage. I may also have muttered rather darkly to myself as I stripped the sheet off, pressed a towel into the wet spot on the mattress, and sprinkled it with baking powder. (When it dries, I’ll vacuum it off. Then the Febreeze.)

Grace stood to one side, watching the sopping-up and the sprinkling-on.


“Yes, love?” I glance up. Grace is smiling, and, very obviously trying to comfort and reassure, she presents me with my silver lining:

“Mary, I didn’t pee on the pillow!”

It made me laugh. I wonder if it’ll work on my son, who has to sleep in that bed tonight?

September 21, 2012 - Posted by | eeewww, Grace, potty tales, sleep


  1. Ha! At least she didn’t pee in the pillow, indeed!

    Must remember that tip about the baking soda / Febreeze combo. I’ve heard cornstarch is good because it soaks up the moisture, but I’m sure it doesn’t do anything for the smell.

    I’ll remember the cornstarch idea, for when I’m out of baking soda! Truth to tell, what with the pervasive mustiness of stale socks and sweaty t-shirts in there, I don’t see how he’d smell a little pee, anyway…

    Comment by Hannah | September 21, 2012 | Reply

  2. My son was the king of peeing during a nap after emptying his bladder just before going to sleep. This happened until fairly recently. Of course, he was a bed wetter too. Next time put a waterproof pad under her bum and all will be well!

    The worst case was when he fell asleep (and promptly peed) on my mother-in-law’s sofa in her spiffy living room. She was very gracious about it and didn’t make a fuss. I was mortified.

    Grace probably has peed on her pillow at home; I know mine did once or twice…not sure how!


    Comment by Marci | September 21, 2012 | Reply

  3. Oh dear! At least she is getting the whole empathy thing though 🙂


    Comment by Angie | September 22, 2012 | Reply

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