It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Poppy and the Roars

A couple of you have asked, and more are probably curious: How is Poppy doing with Josh the Roarer?

First, let it be underlined that Josh does not roar often. Generally he is a happy little dude, busily exploring my home and everyone and everything in it. His moments of OUTRAGE are pretty few and far between for a 12-month-old … but gracious, they’re LOUD.

Poor Poppy, she does not much like tears of any description, and LOUD tears are orders of magnitude worse.

So, how is she doing?

Pretty well, all in all. She doesn’t like the noise, but she doesn’t fall into weeping when it happens, she has not asked for a ‘nap’. She retreats far, far away from him and looks worried, but, fair enough, sez I. I’d do the same if I could! I deal with Josh, then attend to Poppy, giving her a calm, assuring hug, praising her for staying calm, and commiserating with her about how LOUD that baby is. She usually can rummage up a rueful grin, and we move on to happier activities.

She’s doing well!


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  1. Congratulations all round!!! Again Poppy is right about being little – it means you get to move away from the LOUD baby instead of having to stay and get deafened!

    That was one of the things I said to her: “YOU get to walk away. I have to hold him so he can yell RIGHT IN MY EAR!” Said with much goofball drama that had her laughing. But it’s true! Ouch, my poor eardrums!

    Comment by anabels | October 12, 2012 | Reply

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