It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Baking, baking

If you’re upset there’s no post today, you may all blame Hannah, but before you get upset, pop over and check out her new venture.

We were all excited to try out this week’s recipe, but first we had to go to the grocery store for bananas. Then we had to come home and bake, them! Now we are all feeling too fat’n’satisfied to do much of anything except smile at each other and burp gently.

Check it out!



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  1. *evil cackles*

    I’m going to try that last recipe again, with your modifications. Sounds tastier.

    I hope you bought MANY MANY bananas – more recipes to come! Next week is “Best Banana Muffins”, which I am unreasonably excited for.

    Well, they’re “Best”. That’s worth getting excited for!! We are now waiting for each week’s recipe. The kids know that Tuesday is Muffin Day. “Did the computer tell you the muffin yet, Mary?” Three weeks in, and you’re a Tradition. 😀

    Comment by Hannah | October 16, 2012 | Reply

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