It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Valentine’s Play

We set out to make some of these. Is that not a fun, fun idea? For some reason, ours did not turn out so beautifully pastel. I don’t know why. But it was still a great craft! Simple and effective, and something they absolutely could do with minimal adult intervention. Perfect!

We made a whole raft of hearts, but do you know what? Printing paper with shaving cream was interesting … but short-lived. But! When we were done, there was an ENTIRE COOKIE SHEET OF SHAVING CREAM on my dining room table.

valentine goopiness

I wish I could show you all the pictures! Oh my, oh my. Terrific sensory play: the colour! the smell! (lordy, the smell, phew) the TEXTURE!!!

They tapped, they touched, they smeared, they oozed, they squeezed. They talked softly, when they talked at all, so mesmerized were they by the amazing feel.

Whee, fun! The had so much fun, completely absorbed. I was able to do an entire sink full of dishes while they were completely consumed by this activity. We are definitely going to do this again!

Yes, we will.

In the summer.
Probably naked.
And in a pool.
With ready access to a hose.

The colour! The smell! The texture!


But fun???

Oh, yeah.

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