It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Menu Monday

Vegetable: Green salad
Main: chicken pot pie/chickpea pot pie
Dessert: granola muffins

Vegetable: green beans and tomato*
Main: beet-rice bowl
Dessert: apple and pear slices

Vegetable: orange-ginger broccoli*
Main: Egg noodles with mushroom/red wine sauce*
Dessert: baked apples*

Vegetable: cauliflower with cheese sauce
Main: Curried couscous*, ginger-baked tofu
Dessert: stewed pears with shredded coconut

Vegetable: veggie frittata cups
Main: Caribbean rice and beans*
Dessert: bananas

*All recipes marked with an asterisk come from Michael Smith‘s new cookbook Fast Flavours, which I received for Valentine’s Day!

As ever, if there’s a recipe you’d like to see, just ask!

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