It’s Not All Mary Poppins


Poppy comes to me full, her face solemn. I have heard a squabble rising in the kitchen but have opted to remain uninvolved. I am not surprised to have a small emissary of concern at my elbow. (Had it been Jazz, it would have been an emissary of Righteous Indignation and Most Grievous Outrage. I’m rather glad it’s Poppy.)

“Jazz not touch the scarey dragon!!”
“Does she want to touch the dragon?”
“Oh. Do you want her to touch the dragon?”
“Then I don’t understand what you’re fighting about.”
“She says there isn’t a scarey dragon.”
“Is there a scarey dragon?”

So the situation of grave concern here is that there’s a non-existent dragon that Poppy does not wish Jazz to touch, and which Jazz is not, in fact, touching.

Well, you can SEE THE PROBLEM, can’t you?!!!

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  1. HAhahahaha!!

    Comment by rosie_kate | February 21, 2013 | Reply

  2. I was staying with my 5-year-old greatnephew several years ago when he was five; we were playing an indoor trail laying game when he suddenly came flying back to his bedroom, leaped on the bed and said, “I’m scared!” – “What are you scared of?” – “There’s a monster on the stairs.” – “What does it look like?” – “It’s green and hairy.” – “Really! Is it real or make-believe?” “It’s make believe, but I’m still scared.” Having imaginatively scared myself on more than one ocasion, I understood perfectly!

    Comment by Margaret Paschal | February 21, 2013 | Reply

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