It’s Not All Mary Poppins

A Spring Tradition

One of the nice things about working with small children is that you get to rediscover all the fun little rites of childhood. The “sticks-on-a-fence” game, for example.

Here’s another, which we’ve only been able to play this week, some of us for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Here we have a puddle. Yes, I know. Those of you from warmer climates will look at that and see only ice and snow. But those of us Who Know Winter see the underlying truth: that is a puddle! A puddle with a skin of ice on top.
A puddle with a skin of ice on top, extending down the length of the street!!

Now, attend to that picture for a moment. See the grey-white blobs in the ice, just at the edge of the snow? Those are air bubbles. they tell you that what you’re seeing is not a solid slab of ice, but — this is the best! — it’s an ice layer which only sits on the water beneath.

Puddles like that are custom-designed for small children. Because when you stomp on them? The ice shatters! Cracks! Crumples beneath you!

Oh, the noise! Oh, the destruction! Oh, the power!
Oh, how I wish there’d been enough ice for me…

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