It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Menu Monday

First course: cucumber raita
Second: basil-coconut chicken/tofu
Dessert: whole wheat muffins

First course: Moroccan salad (cucumber-carrot-apricot)
Second: lentil-rice cakes
Dessert: bananas

First course: chef salad and cauliflower au gratin
Second: coconut-lentil soup
Dessert: dried apricots

First course: sweet’n’sour green beans
Second: pasta bake
Dessert: apple slices with peanut butter

First course: tabouli
Second: ginger-baked tofu (They love this. Honestly. They cheer when I tell them it’s on the menu!)
Dessert: gelato

As always, if you’d like a recipe, just ask!

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