It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Menu Monday

Sorry I vanished. I was just so tiiiiired last week. Was all I could do to do the job. Feeling a bit more energetic today. We’ll see how I do this week!

First course: Pear/asiago salad* (Yes, the link says parmesan; I prefer asiago.) 🙂
Main course: Burgers (veggie, and hamburgers)
Dessert: muffins

First course: cooked carrot sticks and dip
Main course: pasta salad*
Dessert: peanut butter cookies

First course: gazpacho salad*
Main course: enchilada bake
Dessert: apple and pear slices

First course: cucumber salad*
Main course: breaded chicken/ ginger-baked tofu
Dessert: bananas

First course: green and red pepper fingers
Main course: sweet and sour broccoli and tofu
Dessert: gelato

*Starred recipes all come from a book I got from the library this week: Good Mood Food. If I like it well enough, I’ll probably buy it. So far, so good! If you’re curious to see some of the author’s recipes, his blog is here.

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