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Easter crafts for Nail-Polish Excess

I own far more nail polish than I can reasonably use. I own nail polish colours I have worn once then forgotten about. I own nail polish that’s gone goopy in the jar (and yes, I know how to remedy that, but for now? goopy).

There does come a point when even the most acquisitive nail-polish lover realizes she really does need to let some go. So when I stumbled across an Easter craft involving eggs and nail polish, I was ready. We’d been blowing eggs for three weeks or so — every time I needed an egg or two for a recipe, it was blown rather than cracked, so we had a goodly stash of eggs. And goodness knows I have a goodly stash of nail polish.

I asked the children their favourite colours. Pink, purple, and blue, it turns out. I brought down an array in various hues.


This is not a tutorial post, so I didn’t take pictures as we went, but the method is simple: put a centimetre or two of water in the bottom of a small dish. Drop, drip, or spatter the nail polish onto the surface of the water. (Some beaded into balls and sank. I lifted them to the surface with a pin.) The polish spreads over the surface, forming a skin. Roll your eggs, one at a time, on the surface of the water. Ours, being blown, floated. I would think that if you’re using hard-boiled, you’d need to hold them at the ends and roll it on the surface, but who knows? Maybe if they sank, the polish would still adhere all over. I dunno.

Then let them dry.


Aren’t they pretty?

These are 100% fresh: you can see the beads of water still on them. After they’d had a few minutes for the polish to dry a bit, I patted them carefully to remove the water. No rubbing! The polish was not set, and would have smeared.

In an hour or so, when everything is well dried, we’re going to hot-glue ribbons to them, and then tie them to the pretty branches we painted yesterday.

Easter trees!


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  1. Very pretty – and how to remedy goopy varnish???? 🙂

    There are products available just for the purpose: Varnish Thinners. (Of course there are. There are products for everything.) Add a drop or two, shake thoroughly. If required, add a drop or two more. Continue, adding a drop or two at a time. Sometimes, if it’s really bad, you may have to add some drops, then let it sit for an hour before shaking it up again. With persistence, you can get it flowing smoothly again!

    Comment by Z | April 16, 2014 | Reply

  2. These are beautiful! Did the kids get covering in nail polish though? HAPPY EASTER!

    Thank you! I was pleased with them. No, the mess wasn’t bad at all, mostly because it’s a highly-adult-supervised craft. They chose the colours. I dripped them onto the water. They dropped the egg onto the water, and we both rolled it around together. I lifted the egg off the water and set it aside. Because the eggs were wet, the children tended to push at it with only one finger. (I was the one who got the messiest, frankly!! Oh! One casualty of the mess? Next time I’ll use a disposable dish for this, because the plastic bowl I used… is now disposed. A bathtub ring of polish. Oops.)

    However, true confession: we have decorated more eggs in the past week, with two different methods. (Just scribbling on it, and tissue and blue.) All the children participated in those. This one, the potentially far more dangerously messy one, I deliberately did on a day when Daniel, my rambunctious handful, would not be here. I would do it with Daniel one-on-one. I would do it with 6 or 8 kids, if they were all like the three I had today. I would not attempt it with four kids, one of whom was Daniel…

    Comment by Tammy | April 16, 2014 | Reply

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