It’s Not All Mary Poppins


I have three children: Haley, born 1985; Adam, born 1989; Emma, born 1993.

I also:
– run a daycare in my home. (Opened in 1996.)
– taught elementary school for 10 years, mostly as a supply teacher, in several cities.
– worked in a daycare centre in a major urban center for two years. I have several ECE courses (Early Childhood Education) to my credit.
– taught prenatal classes for 8 years (10?), both privately and through a Women’s Health Centre in a hospital.
– taught parenting classes in the same venues.
– have two bachelor’s degrees – a B.A. and a B.Ed., with several psychology courses (developmental and education) included.
– have read about four thousand parenting books.

Most importantly, I think about what I do. I respond, I don’t react. Given that I’ve been parenting for over twenty years, that’s a lot of thinking.

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