It’s Not All Mary Poppins

I’m not sure this is what they mean by life drawing…

Welcome Spring at your home with this quick and easy spring-time craft! We call it “dancing flowers”.
1. Washable markers in assorted spring-time colours

2. Assorted toddlers
(Sorry, no pictures of these. You’ll have to find your own.)

Important: Each toddler must have one (1) belly-button

1. Have toddler lie on their back on the floor. Locate belly-button.

2. Using belly-button as your centre, quickly sketch flower. (Speed is essential, as bellies (and belly-buttons) tend to become highly blurry jiggly when tickled sketched.)

Continue until all available belly-buttons have been floral-ized.

Welcome Spring! Let the dancing commence!!

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Dry-erase maker can be removed from skin using:
– vinegar
– hand-sanitizer
– rubbing alcohol
– sunscreen
– denatured alcohol
– nail polish remover
– shaving cream
– facial cleansing pads
– toothpaste
– Tabasco sauce

Well, at least I won’t have to go shopping…

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