It’s Not All Mary Poppins

I miss Emily

“Before we can go to the park, you need to put the books away. Grace and Jazz? Put the books in the bin, please.”

I turn my attention to helping Daniel and Poppy into their coats and shoes. A minute or two later, the girls appear.

“Did you put the books away?”

Oh yes. They did.

Word to the wise: Never take what a two-year-old says at face value.

“Did you put the books away?”

Well, yes. I put books away. Most of them. Some of them. One or two, at any rate. All the ones that matter.

Just not those ones…

How could I not follow up? Because I had Emily for five years, and for at least the last two of those five years, Emily would have been in there, cracking the whip, getting them organized, seeing that the job was done and done right! Or perhaps just clucking maternally and finishing it up for them.

I’ve been spoiled by a five-year-old, is what I’m saying. Yup.

I sure do hope her teacher is enjoying the Total Gem she has in her class!!!

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How’s your Binge coming?

I’m happily binging this long weekend. I’ve read seven books so far this month. Here are the highlights:

The World I Made for Her, by Thomas Moran. The narrator is a critically ill 30-ish man who tells his tale from the intensive care ward where he drifts in and out of comas, fighting to outlive the bacteria within him. Nuala is his nurse. A beautifully written heart-breaker of a book.

It was so compelling that I felt mentally and emotionally drugged for a while after reading it, drawn and subdued, overwhelmed by the poignancy and passion, beauty and tragedy.

What’s required after something that moving is something frivolous, and Sex, A Mystery, by Fiona Quirina provided the necessary antidote. A lively and quick-moving mystery novel in which sex surrogate Lydia, who prefers to call herself a courtesan, graduate of Barnard with a Harvard MBA, finds her Tuesday client in her bed with an ice pick through his back. She is, of course, the prime suspect, and works hard and efficiently to prove her innocence. Fun.

How’s your binge going?

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