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Canada Day craft: Triangle Card

Back in the dark ages — but still within my lifetime!! — this baby country that is my home had its 100th anniversary. I can still recall some things from back then. Fireworks. Our village’s brand new Centennial library!!! (No more every-other-week library bus: we had a BUILDING!) That song. The stylized maple leaf that was the logo for the Centennial celebrations.

Oooo, that leaf! Wouldn’t that leaf make a cool craft, I thought? So EASY!

It was. I happened to have sheets of sparkly foam on my craft shelves. Sparkly RED foam with peel-off backing. Couldn’t get easier than that! (If you don’t have foam stickers, you can use construction paper and glue, of course.)

I even had a heap of blank cards!


Word to the wise: these are equilateral triangles. (Remember your grade ten geometry? Each of the three angles is 60 degrees.) I actually used a protractor, though that’s not the only way to get the triangles even enough for this craft. Even with the measuring, they’re not perfectly identical… but, since you’re going to leave space between them, that doesn’t matter. This is not a persnickety craft.

You’ll need eleven triangles per maple leaf, and I’m sure you can figure out the how-to’s from the pictures.

After I made this one, I decided I didn’t like the lettering on the front. I think the leaf stands best on its own.

I can hardly wait to show this to Emily tomorrow: She will LOOOOOOVE it!

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Canada Day Craft

It’s Canada Day on Thursday! A day off for me, a day spent meandering downtown for my teenager. (Teenager. Singular. I’m down to ONE teenager these days.) She is very much looking forward to taking her boyfriend, who has never “done” Canada Day in Ottawa, to all the sights — the Market, Major’s Hill Park, the sights, the sounds, the buskers, the fun, and of course, ending it all up with the fireworks on Parliament Hill. This is the capital city of the country, after all! Where would any good Canadian rather be?

In bed, frankly. By the time the fireworks light up Parliament Hill, this Canadian will be asleep. I may stir to hear the thunder of the explosions, but ten pm is past my bedtime. I am truly grateful that my youngest is now old enough to manage the festivities on her own!

I will, however, get downtown at some point during the day. The happy crowds, resplendent in their red and white (I am planning a white skirt with a red tank top), many of the kids wearing flags (Emma has a 5-foot flag all ready for her BF to wear as a cape – his first time!)… it’s fun.

And of course, Events and Celebrations mean CRAFTS at Mary’s house. Every year for ages we have made Canadian flags this way, with their little handprints in place of the Canada Leaf. I fully intended to do those for this year, too, until I saw some Canada Day bunting in the most recent Canadian Living magazine.

It didn’t take a craft genius to see the connection. Ladies and gentlemen, I show you:

Canada Day bunting, Toddler-style!

Each triangle is a sheet of 8×11 paper. Fold it in half along the 11″ side, put your scissors at the fold and aim for the far corner. Ta-dah! Perfect triangle.

A strip of red paint down each side. Paint the small palm, press it to the paper (a bit of a trick with 12-month-olds, who tend to curl their surprised fingers into a paint-smeary fist, but it can be done!)

Tape the triangles to a piece of ribbon. (Tip: Wrap the tape right around the back of the triangle, and lap the ends of the tape over each other in behind, otherwise the tape will pull off the paint.)


Happy Canada Day!

And, for the child who is Canadian by birth but with American parents, we tweaked the design:

With Canada Day on Thursday and the Fourth on Sunday, they can have a whole weekend of celebrating! Cute, huh?

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Craft for Canada Day! (which would work for the Fourth, come to that)

It’s Canada Day, celebrating the one hundredth and … um… 2008 less 1867 is … 141, yeah, that’s it! One hundred forthy-one years of Confederation. When I am NOT, in fact, working. The tots are safe home with their parents, doing whatever it is parents of toddlers do when they’re at home with them.

The post you are reading now was written yesterday, after the children got back from the beach, 17 minutes before the clouds rolled furiously in and 23 minutes before it began to rain. Timing, or what? AND after the children had all been popped efficiently into bed, where they collapsed into smiling little bundles of damp disheveled cuteness, from whence they would pop in a couple of hours leaving a momento dusting of grit in their wake. This is one of the many reasons why they sleep ON rather than IN my family’s beds, with their own, personal bedding.

So, while they snooze, I peruse. Scan the craft cabinet, seeking inspiration. We could do the tried-and-true handprint flag, which already graces the front door of many of my neighbours’ homes. We do them most years, and that’s all right. It’s not like they remember, and even if they did it last year their hand has changed size so enormously their parents will love to compare.

But, no. Mary wants something different, something original, something not-paint. So she peruses the drawers before her, waiting for inspiration.

And it hits! Yes! Because what does everyone* in Ottawa do on Canada Day? Ha.

So here we have the raw materials:

Tin foil, pipe cleaners, star-shaped beads, and pink ribbon. I will cut the pipe cleaners in half, and cut the ribbon into, oh, 30- or 45-cm lengths. Then I will twist the pipe cleaners together in the centre, cut some sparkly shapes out of the tin foil… slide on some beads … attach the ribbons and curl them …twist and curl the pipe cleaners a bit … and …

TA-DAH!!! Imagine a child bouncing this around at the end of his/her arm.
Know what you’re looking at?
(Besides all the DUST on Mary’s desk? Good LORD who knew that was there? Damned flash.)
Still no idea? Have a peek from a different angle:

…from which angle you now also get to see the greasy fingerprints. Which are NOT mine. However, I will ignore that for now, and you can, too. I will get out the all-purpose spray cleanser later.

Still no idea?

Hint: On Canada Day (and Victoria Day, and, for those of you to the south, the Fourth of July), what does everybody* do, everybody* go see?

Fireworks, of course!

Those are fireworks! Red and white Canada Day fireworks, sparkling and sproinging right there in your hand!

The kids will LOVE them. And if they don’t, I’ll keep theirs, too. Because I think these are adorable.

*Everybody except me. Are you kidding me? They don’t even start until ten p.m! Every year, I hear them, boom, buh-boom, boom, in the distance. They generally wake me up.

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