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Happy Day-After-Canada-Day!

It’s Canada Day!! Well, yesterday was Canada Day, but as it fell on a Sunday, today is a day off. All the festivities were yesterday, and a nice quiet day today. No tots, and as I heard for days about planned trips to cottages, to grandparents, to play with cousins, I know they’re all having fun.

Me, I walked downtown and back — a smidge over 10k round trip, which I know thanks to this fun little website — to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I am a huge Judi Dench fan, so anything with her in it is worth seeing. My husband had sent me a review some weeks back, and I’d made a mental note. (Which, to my intense surprise, I remembered!!) To his intense surprise, I suggested we go see it.

Why the surprise? I hate going to movies. It’s not that I don’t like movies, but that going to movies depresses me. It’s a daylight thing. You go in the daylight, you come out in the dark — that’s depressing! Hours of daylight lost. Hours. I cannot express how that very thought just sucks the joy right out of my soul. No point in suggesting a go to a late showing, so that I’m going into the theatre in the dark. I’d be asleep before the tedious trailers were done. (Assuming I could handle the volume. Why are theatre volumes set so LOUD? Good lord.)

But this was a holiday Monday! We could go in the middle of the day, so that we went in AND came out in daylight! AND I could see Judi Dench! (And Maggie Smith, another favourite.)

What a great movie. So glad I went. And we walked there and back, one of our favourite couple activities, because the whole time you walk, you talk, right? So an hour’s walk there (it was hot; we were in no hurry!), two hours in the movie, an hour’s walk back. A lovely half-day date for my sweetie and me. You know a movie’s good when you can spend an entire hour’s walk talking about it. And then some. It popped up from time to time over the course of the rest of the afternoon and evening.

I hope you had a good weekend, too.

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Happy Canada Day!

I’m not working today. It’s a holiday!!! And one for which I really, really, reeeally appreciate living in Ottawa. Where better to celebrate the country’s birthday than the capital?

The Snowbirds perform over Parliament Hill. (And when they do, they’ll almost certainly fly over my street, too. Takes a while to turn one — eight! — of those things!) Very cool.

Guess who’s in town?

I just happened to be walking home from downtown yesterday as the cavalcade went by, coming in from the airport. And guess what? Kate waved at me. (Yes, she did. I was the only person on that stretch of the canal. It must have been me!) Either that or she was just stuck in auto-wave, poor girl. Entirely possible.

Later, there will be fireworks over the Hill, and if I feel like it, I can walk a few blocks over and spot them from the grassy verge of the canal.

From the canal, where I won’t get quite that view… but I also won’t have to contend with these crowds:

(Been there, done that, loved it then, not so much now. 🙂 )

Happy Birthday, Canada!

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Another grey hair…

“Hope you had a good holiday”, Candace said in the comments to the last post. I did, though not without at least one Moment. If you’d like to read about it, pop over to Mid-Century Moms and have a look!

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Happy Canada Day!

CanadaDay 015

I’m at a friend’s cottage today, enjoying the holiday in a truly Canadian way: a lake, good friends, some beer (or wine), and a boatload of Off!. (Mosquitoes and blackflies love Canada Day, too…)

CanadaDay 016

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