It’s Not All Mary Poppins

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!


Five of them, in fact. No real post today. I am in the throes of creating FIVE little super-hero capes, each made of red satin (40% off at FabricLand this week!). No pictures yet. Have yet to download photo-handling software onto my new laptop. Sorry.

Each cape will be emblazoned with the child’s initial on the back (in blue satin), shot through with a shiny gold lightning bolt. It’s the initial/bolt combination that makes me the most nervous: in order to avoid all that nit-picky edge-stitching, I’m glueing them in place with double-sided fusible interfacing. I’ve never used that stuff before, and I have moments of anxiety in which I imaging totally ruining an otherwise perfect cape in the very last step…


But for now, it’s a great idea! I can’t find the website where I got the initial-lightning bolt idea (though a quick google showed me this is far from an original idea). I got the pattern for the cape from The Little Red Hen, though mine won’t have hoods.

Now I need an idea for the baby, who, though nine months old, is not yet crawling. A cape would be cute, I guess, but pointless apart from the cute factor, and, when she starts crawling, it’d just be cruel. (Like dresses on crawling babies. Their little knees get as far up the inside of the skirt as the bodice, and then they’re trapped, poor mites. Who puts dresses on crawling babies, except for that adorable red velvet number for the requisite Santa picture? Which, if you’re sane, is whipped on seconds before the picture, and whipped off immediately after.)

Sorry. Tangent. Still seeking gift idea for non-crawling nine-month-old. But the capes? So far? AMAZING!!

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