It’s Not All Mary Poppins

I have a story to tell

A wedding story…  In pictures, mostly.


My eldest child, my older daughter, was married last month. Isn’t she lovely? This is at the house, getting ready. A good 90% of everything was hand-made, hand-crafted, DIY. Her dress and headpiece were purchased. (Dress from Mod Cloth; fascinator, I don’t know.) But guess who did her own flowers??


Groom-to-be sneaks a kiss. Aaawww…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABrother of the bride helps with the bride’s bouquet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASister and maid of honour… (Who is, in fact, practicing keeping the shoes on her feet, despite their passionate wish to be free!)


Dad of bride, who officiated, catches a quiet moment before we depart for the park. (All those boxes in the background? MAWR WEDDING STUFF!!!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The venue. Isn’t it pretty? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The screen of pretty red flowers, made by the bride. So effective!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaid of honour, best man and groom arrive with more wedding stuff. It was cloudy and threatening rain in the morning, but by the time the wedding happened (mid-afternoon), the sun had come out. Also, whereas it had been a sticky 38C earlier in the week, it was a lovely 24 on the day. Perfect!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe processional. The maid of honour, ring bearer and flower girl have all arrived. Now it’s just my baby, all grown up and on her way to her new life. I love this picture. A short walk, but possibly the most important one of her life!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere comes the bride!


The happy couple, post-kiss!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The signing of the register. There were some legal loops here, because of course Dad isn’t really licensed to perform wedding in Missouri. So they were married at the court house the day before; the ceremony was for family, friends and celebration! To make it more official-like, Dad brought his Marriage Registry from Ontario.

Guess what? The Signing of the Register is not part of weddings in Missouri. Certainly nobody here but the Canadians knew what the heck was going on. Here, the bride is saying to the bemused among the guests, “It’s a Canadian thing!”

It’s also a darned good photo op, which even the bemused quickly realized. (The bride, groom, maid of honour and best man all sign.)


The whole fan-dambly. That’s me on the left, in the flowered dress, the brother, groom and bride, sister, and my wonderful husband.

wedding family

Happy Wedding, Happy Marriage!

It was a great day.

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Maternal Goopiness

Every so often, while out shopping in an upscale dress shop (or, in my case, just passing by), you’ll come across a pair of girls — excuse me, young women — or a whole group of them, with that certain spark about them. They’re not just hanging out and having fun, though there’s a lot of fun in the air. No, there’s something more to it.

And if you watch them a little longer (and I generally do, because they’re just so damned appealing, somehow) you will pretty soon deduce that the special something about these girls is that they are Wedding Shopping. One of them is The Bride, the other, her Maid of Honour. Perhaps there are some bridesmaids along, too. They radiate joy. They are blooming in happiness and excitement. They’re just so lovely.

They always bring out the “Awwww” in me. You young mothers, you probably do that, too, when you see a bridal party out together, only you’re probably remembering your own wedding. You’re thinking of how it was for you, how excited you were, how fun it was. When I watch those young women, the “awww” has quite a different source. My own Big White Wedding is so far back in distant history that it doesn’t figure in my response. I’m not thinking of my hours spent poring over bridal magazines, the comparing of patterns with my Maid of Honour, the shopping for just the right accessory. I did all that, and loved it, but that’s not what’s triggering my “Awwwww”.

No, when I look at those young women, I see girls. I see someone’s daughter. And it’s just so damned sweet! You say “awwww” when your toddler mangles the language and says something so freaking adorable by mistake you just melt into a puddle of maternal goopiness. That’s exactly the “aww” I feel for these girls.

I see those young, vibrant, joy-filled, excited girls, and I see my own daughters, and I go “awwww, aren’t they just so sweet? and young? and happy? and hopeful?” Maternal goopiness overwhelms me.

And last week, my youngest daughter (just turned 18) went to visit her big sister (now 25). Her big sister, who got engaged this spring. My youngest daughter will be her maid of honour. And while they were together, they went wedding dress shopping!!!!


My babies are not babies any more. And it’s wonderful!

They are also kind and thoughtful young women, and made sure that mum, stuck back home in Ottawa, got to see the top few contenders. Wanna see???

I love the buttons on this one.

Oooooh, chiffon!! (Or is that tulle? Pretty, either way!) Sort of quasi-Grecian thing going with the layering on the bodice, too. Nice.

This one suits her figure. (She’s inherited her mother’s curves, I say, modestly.) 😀

Front view.

Finally, the top contender so far. (Lookit that teeny waist? Aren’t you all so jealous? I’m a smidge wistful. I said she’d inherited my figure. I didn’t say I totally still had it any more… sigh…) I loooove the lace on the overskirt.

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty!

My baby is going to be a bride.


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