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From the Archives: It’s all about Expectations

Once again, daddy is dropping Noah off. And once again, Noah is managing the transition just fine.

Today, dad talked about Noah’s plans for the day, discussed on the way over. And then I could talk about what we were going to do today — making roads all over the floor with wide green painter’s tape, and putting up the little streetlights we made yesterday, so we can drive our cars all over. All part of our “transportation” theme for the month.

And Noah — obviously pre-directed by his skillful daddy — chats happily about what he will play with Tyler when Tyler arrives, and daddy gives Noah a cheerful hug…

…and there! Done!

Daddy’s gone, Noah’s here, without the slightest hiccup. Lovely.

Analyzing it in the kitchen a few minutes later, my daughter Emma put it nicely.

“It’s all about the parents’ expectations, isn’t it? The dads usually manage to convey, “I expect you to be happy, and I know you can do it!” But the moms are often saying, “I expect you to be sad… but please don’t!”

She’s very wise for sixteen, Emma.

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In which Mary and the Wonderful Husband contribute to the cause of Public Betterment

The Wonderful Husband returns from a few days away. He travels fairly regularly for his work, though usually he’s only gone a couple of nights.

As he does from time to time, he has a gift for me. (Told you he was a Wonderful Husband.) This gift, being a bouquet of flowers, is not packed in a suitcase as such trinkets generally are, but exits the taxi with him and is presented on the front porch.

It’s a mild day, and a few neighbours are chatting on the sidewalk across the street. Tall blond husband across the way notices the exchange and calls out,

“Hey, knock it off! You’re making the rest of us look bad!”

And me — I am NEVER, EVER this quick off the mark — I holler back,

“Pfft. The rest of you should be taking notes!”

And while I give Wonderful Husband a big, heartfelt (and astonishingly public) kiss, the wives across the way applaud.


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