It’s Not All Mary Poppins

A day in the life

“We are going to be firemen!” William, in the way of four-year-olds, is organizing the play. Noah and Tyler are his enthusiastic fellow-firemen, each sporting a plastic red helmet. Noah’s and Tyler’s are, predictably, on in reverse, “FIRE CHIEF” emblazoned so that anyone behind them can see who they are.

Fire Chiefs in Mary’s house often wear their helmets backward. Shiny red baseball caps with a bold red bill out front. There are never any regular old firemen, either, only chiefs, though since none of the can read, this is less of a problem than it might otherwise be.

“We are going to be firemens, and this,” William waves the cardboard cylinder from an empty tube of wrapping paper in the air, “this is our hose.”

“Woo-woo!” Tyler hoots a siren noise. “Woo-woo, fire truck!”

“Yes, we will ride our fire truck to the fire, and we will put out the fire with this hose, and we will ride the fire truck back, and then we will all have a nap.”


Because we wouldn’t want our big, strong firefighters to miss their naps, now, would we?

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