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My New Year’s Resolution: February Edition

No, I haven’t forgotten! I just had to deal with Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day, it being such an Important Holiday and all…

So. My eco-friendly change, which began on Sunday. Here’s a hint:

What is the common theme joining all these things?







I’ll bet you’ve figured out what they’re all for, except perhaps one.

Starting in February, I have decided to reduce (and perhaps eventually eliminate) all disposable paper products in my home. So, from top to bottom, we have:

– the basket of cleaning rags in the kitchen, replacing paper towels.
– hand-made handkerchiefs, replacing disposable tissue
menstrual sponges
– the basket of cleaning rags in the bathroom
– my in-process hand-made cloth napkins, replacing paper serviettes (or, more likely in this house) paper towels.

But what about that last one? What could it possibly be? Hint: It’s not a measuring cup. Not any more.

That, my friends, is now a tabo. A tabo is a gizmo used in the Phillippines. It eliminates the need for toilet paper. I’d heard of these things before, but had to go direct to a Confidential Source to find out the nitty-gritty of just exactly how one uses the things. However, I have it all sorted now– features of a good tabo, necessary posture, good technique — and so both tabo and basket of towel squares (for drying), reside neatly in the bathroom.

In fact, this tabo lacks the lip that my CS says is useful for getting the water where you need it. I may be hunting down a better one. I’m sure the Dollar Store is full of likely candidates.

I doubt I’ll eliminate disposable paper products from the home entirely. I’m not trying to convince my family to go the tabo route; in fact, I haven’t mentioned it to them at all, though I likely will at some point. And the menstrual sponges (which I’ve used for years) are not sufficient unto the task every day of That Week (nor are those rubber Keepers, which I’ve also tried) — but they certainly do substantially reduce the amount of disposable ‘feminine hygiene’ products I need. (I do know women who use both these products without any difficulty at all.)

As with everything, it’s a process. Our home is now using no paper towels or napkins at all. That’s a significant step forward, and it hasn’t been difficult at all.

What changes have you made? Post about them, and I’ll link to you! (And you can link to me. Linky love.)

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