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Ten Things

Idea stolen from Bridgett: Ten Items I’m Glad I Possess

1. I probably opted to do this meme because our first item is the same: socks. Bridgett’s are wool, mine are mohair. Every year I buy a couple more pair of kid mohair socks — I’m up to eight pairs now, I think, meaning some are four years old, and I have yet to wear a hole in one. They’re expensive, but so worth it. Warmest socks I have ever owned.

2. My piano. Well, a keyboard, really, and not quite the full 88, but I’m very happy with it anyway. ( I’m happy to possess the piano — and the ability to play it!)

3. My dogs. (Does one possess dogs? However you decide, the dogs bring great joy into my life. (So do my kids, but you definitely don’t possess them!))

4. My food processor. So many good things come from that thing. Today it was curry paste for the chicken, and the batter for chocolate almond macaroons. Nom.

5. My lovely little house on its lovely little street.

6. My feather pillow. I got it for Christmas last year. Love it, love it, love it. Similarly, feather duvet. Soooooo warm.

7. My optimism. No, not an item, really, but it makes my life a much happier thing. I am grateful to be optimistic.

8. Another not-exactly-an-item: My creativity. A great artist I’ll never be, but I am creative, and great satisfaction comes from that. (I thank my mother for the creative genes.) 🙂

9. My laptop. I would go crazy without my laptop.

10. Books. By extension, the local library, which, no I don’t possess, exactly, but I have absolutely done far more than most to support it. Not because of the taxes I pay — everyone pays those — but because of my library fines. Which are frequent, and too frequently large. Or at least large-ish. Sigh. Oh, well: my absent-mindedness is the library’s gain, no?

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