It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Mother’s Day Card-Hug

When you’re working with toddlers, this will probably take two adults. Toddlers are wriggly, and they keep trying to sit up so as to see what you’re doing over there!! But with a bit of restraint cooperation and another set of hands, you can whip up a card that will bring a warm rush to whichever much-loved person receives it. Mothers, today, but the dads will be getting one next month for Father’s Day. We’ll probably make some for grandparents somewhere along the line…

A hand-crafted tin of home-made cookies, wrapped in a hug. Does it get any better?

I think not!

Happy early Mother’s Day!

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Every good gift needs a card

We did two Mother’s Day cards today. One, using construction paper, pipe cleaners and pastel-coloured muffin papers, for the older children.

Here, four-year-old Emily carefully traces over my lightly-pencilled “Happy Mother’s Day”.

Tyler’s finished product. Tyler, being two, doesn’t have the fine-motor control to trace letters. But he can glue! And tape! And splash stickers about!!

And for the babies, who can do none of the above? Baby hand-prints are always a favourite amongst mothers of babies, so why not turn a few into flowers?

Happy Mother’s Day!

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