It’s Not All Mary Poppins

La, la, la… oops

My iPod is in the dock, Bruce Cockburn singing softly in the background. I love this dock. It’ll take any iPod or iPhone, and it plays CDs as well, all in a tidy black package, its two neat speakers putting out as much sound as I’ll ever require of it.

Sounds, I suddenly notice as I kneel on the floor changing little Rory’s diaper, that I wasn’t expecting. We’ve moved past Bruce Cockburn and on to… Oh, how sweet. My ever-thoughtful husband remembered that I’d mentioned needing to mix up the songs on my iPod, and has added a bunch more tunes. Elton John wouldn’t be my first choice, mind you, but some of his stuff I quite like. Besides, it’s the thought that counts. 🙂

Rory smiles up at me as I sing mindlessly along with Elton’s happy fluff. “You love music, don’t you, sweetie?” Pausing to speak breaks into my mindlessness, and suddenly I hear what I’ve been singing for the past minute.

If the boy’s first word is “bitch“, you’ll know who to blame.

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Sing, sing a song

Aren’t they great? The harmonies! The rhythms! The (squashed in the desks) dancing! It seems clear that this is a school event or choir or club of some sort, and I know we have those here, too, but it got me thinking about singing for the sheer joy of it — because this music, it just bubbles with joy and life.

I am closer to 50 than 40. I sing all the time. So does my husband. But you rarely see children (over the age of maybe five) spontaneously burst into song, even in the privacy of their own homes.

Maybe it’s because my husband and I were raised in churches, and in our generation, in our churches, you sang, you didn’t just sit there and watch the choir do it. (My church, unlike my husband’s, didn’t even have a choir.) Possibly because far fewer people attend church these days, the singing/non-singing divide seems to have a strong generational divide — older people sing, younger people just listen (or at best, maybe, rarely, sing along). Or maybe church attendance has nothing whatever to do with it. But for whatever reason, I see younger people as being far less likely to sing, sing, sing.

Do you agree? Does anyone else find it sad that North American kids hardly ever sing for fun?

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