It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Just another Saturday morning…

One of the many things I love about living in this city. The Wonderful Husband and I were on our way out of town to a friend’s cottage last weekend, when a motorcycle police officer zipped into the intersection and stopped the traffic going north. A moment later, we heard the music and saw the red blur approaching.

But of course! It’s the Changing of the Guard. These soldiers were on duty on Parliament Hill. They’ve been replaced by the next shift of guardsmen (and women), and are now marching back to the parade ground. (Which is right next door to my kids’ high school, if that isn’t also very cool?)

We natives tend to forget about these things. 🙂

But though I can forget these everyday details, I refuse to be so blase that I would grouse about sitting there through a change or two of the traffic light, while deliberately choosing not see the fun in the pomp and tradition.

Because, really! That’s POMP! And TRADITION! Right there out my car’s front window! Isn’t it cool to live in a city where stuff like this happens?

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Happy Canada Day!

I’m not working today. It’s a holiday!!! And one for which I really, really, reeeally appreciate living in Ottawa. Where better to celebrate the country’s birthday than the capital?

The Snowbirds perform over Parliament Hill. (And when they do, they’ll almost certainly fly over my street, too. Takes a while to turn one — eight! — of those things!) Very cool.

Guess who’s in town?

I just happened to be walking home from downtown yesterday as the cavalcade went by, coming in from the airport. And guess what? Kate waved at me. (Yes, she did. I was the only person on that stretch of the canal. It must have been me!) Either that or she was just stuck in auto-wave, poor girl. Entirely possible.

Later, there will be fireworks over the Hill, and if I feel like it, I can walk a few blocks over and spot them from the grassy verge of the canal.

From the canal, where I won’t get quite that view… but I also won’t have to contend with these crowds:

(Been there, done that, loved it then, not so much now. 🙂 )

Happy Birthday, Canada!

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