It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Pretty, pretty

From Llevo el Invierno via Prudent Baby via One Pretty Thing, we have…

a whole heap of…

very, very pretty…


Most of these were made with scrap material I had already, though I did need to purchase some. Aren’t they lovely???

I cut the feathers using pinking shears to reduce fraying, since there was NO WAY I was going to hem each scallop of each row of each wing. No way at all.

Since there’s such a mix of fabrics of indeterminate provenance, they will have to be machine washed in cold water on the delicate cycle, and must NOT be put in the dryer!! But costumes don’t get laundered so much as spot-cleaned generally, anyway, right? And what’s a little hang-drying in the face of such utter cuteness?

I’ve made five sets this month. Though the original blogger glued hers, I sewed mine. I think they’ll be more durable that way. What with cutting the scalloped strips for feathers, piecing, sewing, and finishing (a bit; they could be much more finely finished, but I was DONE), I’d say each pair of wings took three hours.

A labour of love, for sure, but SO CUTE. And really? So FUN to do. I enjoyed every minute.

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Damn! And a pop quiz

I have a post in the works, with lots of pretty pictures of the DARLING Christmas gifts I have made for the children… when the batteries in my camera died.

I am a failed blogger this month, people, I freely admit it.

It should be a simple matter of replacing the batteries, but we’re down to our last set of batteries, so they’ll need to be recharged before I can finish the task.

I am also a failed photographer. Yeesh.

Here’s a peek at the ONE picture I did get uploaded before my technical difficulties.

Pretty, huh? Any guesses what you’re looking at??

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Tag Blanket

Rory has a new baby sister. She was born at the end of August, and ever since I’ve been intending to make her… something. What, I wasn’t sure, until I saw a picture of a tag blanket. So cute! So effective! So eeeeasy!

There are instructions all over the place, but I used the one from Craftzine. Mine, however, is quite a bit smaller than theirs, about 30 cm (12 inches) square.

Isn’t it pretty?

The bonus? Apart from the blue flannelette, everything you see I had on hand.

A lot of that ribbon I didn’t even purchase, at least not directly. Some of it came wrapped around boxes of truffles, and they were SO PRETTY I couldn’t imagine throwing them out! Some of it was the waist drawstring of a pair of pajama bottoms I bought on sale, only to bring them home and discover I’d bought the version designed for entirely bum-free women. But the fabric was so cute that I kept them anyway, figuring that what I’d paid for the useless jammies was less than I’d pay for that cute fabric — and the great ribbon!

I’m very pleased.

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Craftiness, Day 1

I have been woefully absent this month, I know. I have been taking some time off both work and blogging. But never fear! I have abandoned neither!

My children are growing older, leaving the nest, flying the coop. Early in August, I flew to St. Louis for a few days with my eldest daughter, who will be living there for the next five years. Now, she’s been living on her own for some years, so her move didn’t change the constitution of Mary’s house, but it sure does feel like I have an Adult Child when that child is living in an entirely different country!

My son and middle child has been living with a bunch of college compatriots in a townhouse across town for two years now. Various stepchildren have begun college, and even gotten themselves married.

What does all this growing up and taking flight mean to Mary? It means that, for the first time in DECADES, an empty room in my house. A room that is not required to house one of the hordes of children. A spare room!

But not a guest bedroom, oh no. Guests can fend for themselves. This room? Is MINE.

This room is a craft room.

It is furnished with our old dining room table, and enormous rectangle perfect for sewing machine and work space. (Given that we no longer need to regularly seat ten, we now have a smaller, round table. With a leaf, just in case!) My ironing board sits there. There are shelves in the closet filled with fabric and plastic bins. It’s not done yet — I’m envisioning a warm cream and deep red colour scheme, and lots more sewing-specific storage — but it’s MINE.

I have my very own room, a space just for me, for the first time in… goodness, could it be thirty years?

I think it could.

Good lord.

And in that wonderful (though teeny) space, I have been sitting and CREATING.

Emma asked me to make her a pencil case for school. No sweat!! Because, hey, I have a fabric stash, and now I can actually get at it! Her pencil case is made from leftover fabric from the blind I made for the dining room a couple of years back, and the zipper from a pair of jeans. It’s lined with denim from the same jeans. (Yes, they were pink jeans. No, I never wore them.)

When he saw it, youngest stepson also wanted one. His is a nice, understated blue denim, also from the fabric stash. In fact, the only thing I needed to purchase was the zipper for the second case.

(Update: Youngest stepson has requested that his blog name be “Cloud”.

“Yeah, it’s my favourite video game character.”

Okay, then. ‘Cloud’ it is.)

(That pink thing is a bit of fluff from the pink denim, which I noticed only when I uploaded the pictures.)

I’m so pleased. More importantly, so are the kids. Which pleases me. 🙂

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Thinking ahead

There! I’m done the boys’ Christmas presents, well almost. And for the girls?

This. Isn’t that a terrific idea?

In fact, maybe I’ll have everyone make fabric, boys and girls alike, and make skirts for the girls and for the boys… what? … vests? ties? It’ll be winter, so not shorts… pajamas? Oh, yes. Why not pajamas? Hee.

Course, I’ve already made car caddies for the boys, so then I’d have to make something extra for the girls to even things out…

Fun, fun!

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Look what I did!

I first found the idea of Pillowcase Dresses on One Pretty Thing quite a while back. One day, I promised myself, one day I would do that, because — SO CUTE! Then my eldest, who is scaling down prior to a move, gave me some pillowcases her grandmother had given her. VINTAGE pillowcases, these would be, with the adorable embroidery, tiny bit of lace trim, and everything. Two weeks ago, I finally got to the fabric store for the ribbon. I had the pillowcases, I had the fixings. One day I’d put it all together.

Today was that day. It’s rainy, it’s Baby Monday, and it’s naptime. What better time?

(Click on the picture for a larger view.)

It took less than an hour to make two. The second took about 22 minutes. If you can sew at all, these things are EEEEEEEEasy! And are they not the sweetest things? I can hardly wait for the girls to wake up and try them on!

Emma watches me delight in these things. “Are you going to be the kind of grandmother who makes things for her grandchildren?” she asks. Then she brightens. “SURE you will! These kids aren’t even related, and look what they’re getting!”

She could be onto something.


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