It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Yes, I am a little bored. Why do you ask?

The spam filter … I have a heap of stuff all originating in Turkey. All of it English… sort of. Or maybe it’s not English. It uses English words, but they all add up to… nothing. Doesn’t seem to be advertising a product or service. No idea what it’s supposed to be accomplishing, and I’m not fool enough to follow the link. Anyway, WordPress’s ever-diligent spam filter sent them straight to comment limbo, and I’m perfectly willing to let them languish away there, ignored and unloved, until Akismet vaporizes it permanently.

More timely, and more comprehensible, are the offers of Naughty Nudie Pics of Kate Middleton. (I think that would be the Duchess of Cambridge to you, sir. Ahem.) This I understand. Porn is pretty straightforward. Assuming they exist (which I doubt) and assuming they really were simply nude pics, we could debate whether that makes them porn or simply erotica. Not that I clicked on that link, either. Straightforward, except for the warning at the end: Don’t post this link, or “I will hunt you.”

“Hunt me”? Ouch. I think I sprained an eyeball with the involuntary rolling.

Hoookay. Porn-promising spam, with added threat. YOU I’ll delete immediately.

May 3, 2011 Posted by | random and odd | | 1 Comment