It’s Not All Mary Poppins

We call them Tulips

1. Paint a child’s palm with tempera paint.
2. Press palm into glass several times, until all paint is gone.
3. Wash hand.
4. I you feel particularly creative, you can add grass.

Voila! Instant spring flower garden!

(These pictures are a few weeks old. The snow you see there is entirely gone now.)

(These pictures are a few weeks old. The snow you see there is entirely gone now.)



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Egg-carton flowers

Like any good daycarista, I collect egg cartons. Egg cartons provide too many good craft and activity options to ever be without. I found the inspiration for my … er, door-thing… on One Pretty Thing, but can I find the specific post and the link to the originating blog? I cannot. It was Russian or Czech or something, I recall, but just can’t find it.

I tried making a circular wreath. It didn’t work. Well, it was fine if what I was after was a flat ring of flowers, but I wanted more depth than that, like on the original. However, the original crafted used a three-dimensional wreath form as its base, whereas all I had was cardboard. Flat, flat, flatness.

But if I wanted depth, surely I could make that happen with what I had? Which was cardboard, masking tape, and all my egg-carton flowers…

This is what I came up with. Next time, I’d make the semi-circular arcs wider. The flowers are a bit compressed, which makes them more likely to pop off, since they’re sort of pushing each other… Still, it worked!

I opted for a three-colour theme: yellow, pink, turquoise. The yellow and pink are made by mixing a small dot (half-teaspoon, maybe?) of yellow and red, respectively, into two or three tablespoons of white. I used a mix of acrylic and tempera, because that’s what I had. The turquoise is straight tempera.

I did not do this all in one sitting, because, though I was enthused about the project, enough to keep me at it, I found it quite frankly tedious. So on one day I cut out a dozen flowers of one style, then half a dozen of another style another day.

It took two or three days to paint them all, for similar reasons… (Emily helped!)

And then an hour with a glue-gun to assemble!

A hole for the ribbon toward the top.

And there you go! A floral spring door wreath thing!

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Rainy Day Craft, with Potatoes

Yesterday was a very rainy day. Had everyone come equipped for it, we might have gone outside, but instead we indulged in a little rainy crafting. Some turquoise paint splooshed into a foam tray, some umbrella-shaped pieces of scrap paper, and a few potato stamps…

a few toddlers…

and ta-dah! A wall full of umbrellas!

The potato stamps were a bit fiddly to cut out. Normally I use a cookie cutter to get the shape on the potato, but lacking raindrop-shaped cutters, I had to do it with a paring knife. The results were a tad primitive, but given that none of the children has the coordination to make a nice, clean print anyway, the results are always a bit primitive…

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I’m not sure this is what they mean by life drawing…

Welcome Spring at your home with this quick and easy spring-time craft! We call it “dancing flowers”.
1. Washable markers in assorted spring-time colours

2. Assorted toddlers
(Sorry, no pictures of these. You’ll have to find your own.)

Important: Each toddler must have one (1) belly-button

1. Have toddler lie on their back on the floor. Locate belly-button.

2. Using belly-button as your centre, quickly sketch flower. (Speed is essential, as bellies (and belly-buttons) tend to become highly blurry jiggly when tickled sketched.)

Continue until all available belly-buttons have been floral-ized.

Welcome Spring! Let the dancing commence!!

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Spring has sprung. Whitely.

All better now!

Of course, since I spent large portions of yesterday asleep on the couch before retiring to bed at about, oh, seven p.m., I have now been AWAKE!! since 2:30…

It may be a loooong day.

Made even longer because it’s SNOWING out there. Yes, indeed. Ottawa managed the unparalleled feat of not getting any snow at all in March — absolutely unheard of — only to top it by snow on April 27th. Now, it’s pretty wet snow, and it won’t hang around more than a few hours, but when I walked the dog (at 6 am, because, hell, I’d been up for THREE AND A HALF HOURS), there was a lot of snow in the air and even teeny smudges of it on the grass.

Which means I will not be going out with the tots today. Not because of snow. We’re Canadians! But because it’s raw out there. Damp and chilly, the sort that goes right into your bones.


I am not taking my newly-recovered self out in that.

Well, apart from walking the dog, of course, but she’s fast on her feet. If I decide, Okay, I want to be INSIDE now, we can accomplish that in short order. If I am three blocks from home with four toddlers, it will take us 15 minutes.


So. Inside today, and I think we will talk about mud. Because there is mucho mud out there today, and when the snow turns to rain in a few hours, there will be even more, and MUD is a SIGN OF SPRING.

So we are making chocolate pudding! And sprinkling it with Oreo crumbs! And decorating it with gummi worms!

Because I am NOTHING if not health-conscious…

And we will talk about mud, and then we will EAT our mud.


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